Hairfinity Challenge

Hey Naturalistas!

Have you heard about Hairfinity Hair Vitamins?  Maybe you saw the on YouTube or a friend told you about them.  Well, these are vitamins  that contain all of the nutrients that your hair needs to grown longer and stronger.  They say that your hair will grow 3/4 to 1 inch per month.  If you know your natural hair statistics then you know that is some pretty impressive growth.  In know you are saying what is she talking about or this is just some scam.  Well, it’s not just check out some of these videos.

Hairfinity even offers customized hair care regimens without having made a purchase.

Following these instructions is key to your Hair Success. Getting Started with Hairfinity is easy. Once you submit a Healthy Hair Consultation Questionnaire, you will receive a personalized product and hair care regimen recommendation within one hour. Submit a Healthy Hair Consultation Questionnaire NOW. – See more at: Tresses Kinks & Twists is working to get them in the store just for you.  Stay tuned for the 90-day Hairfinity challenge.

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