Love These Skirts!

Hey Naturals!

Have you ever heard of Sofistfunk?  The Original Skirt Company.  Afrobella has. The Sofistafunk label was born in 1999 to Arlinda McIntosh and daughter-in-law Cheshire Boone-Mickens.   These are girly vintage looking skirts.  But don’t let that fool you.  They have some very bold new designs as well.   Their skirts styles include full length, A-line and pencil skirts.  They also have the gathering collection for those that may not want to spend as much.  The gathering collection includes A Short gathering, A Mid-day gathering, and A Long gathering.

gathering_headerThe designs explore the alliances between the Elizabethan era through the Victorian period, and on to the late forties, creating a contemporary yet couture aesthetic; poetic in design the pieces awaken the memories of being a little girl playing dress up all while maintaining the ability to transition from 9-5 to an after work affair with ease.

ayeshia-sweatskirrt_large                     Untitled-31f_largechained-melody_large

They have something for everyone for every occasion!  So check them out at SOFISTAFUNK!

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