What Do We Really Know About Our Natural Hair

Hey Natural Divas!


I was just thinking, “What Do We Really Know About Our Natural Hair?”  You hear all the time, “Know Your Hair”, “Read Product Labels”, It seems that we make it much harder than it needs to be when transitioning.  Some of us just jump in, some of us research until we have read it all, and some of us are more hands on (trial and error).  But, is there a better way to transition back to your natural hair?  Well I think that there is.

When you know your hair; its composition, what ingredients are in the products you purchase, your hair’s likes & dislikes, and how to make it really perk up and shine, you can better transition your hair back to its natural state.  Many times as women we have very good intentions, but we do not follow through.  In my opinion we do not follow through because of the tribulations that occur the majority of the time for transitioners.  What I mean by tribulations is those times when your hair is throwing a tantrum, when your natural hair is in the desert (dry), when that halo frizz will not go away, or when unfortunately your hair breaks off and you have to Big Chop anyway.

So, I think more women should surely do research prior to going natural.  If we become aware of how our hair reacts to certain chemicals, certain oils, particular butters, and our hair texture we would be so much better off.  Then we have the junkies (PJs – Product Junkies).  Now, no matter what if you’re a PJ your just a PJ.  But, as a new natural you are automatically a PJ.  You are learning your hair and don’t know exactly how to deal with it.  But, that should not be the dilemma that is, because if we know our hair first then we can move past this stage without going broke or even breaking a sweat.

I have put together a little information in the form of websites and books that can help with transitioning, BCing, and moving into the 100% natural stage.  Yes, even when you BC you are a brand new natural!  You are a transitioner when you are moving from relaxed to natural, remember?  Anywho,  these are some great books that can help you along the way.


The Science of Black Hair

The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis


  This book in my opinion is the bible on natural hair.

  Everything you want and need to know about natural

  and relaxed hair can be found in this book.  If you want

  to buy it click the book. 




Better Than Good Hair

  Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton

Yes, I have read and loved this book.  I keep

  it with all its highlights, because I still go

  back to get information and refresh.  If you want

  to buy it just click on the book over there.






10 Easy Steps to Go Natural 10 Easy Steps To Go Natural Without Cutting

Your Hair Off by Nik Scott

 This book is highly recommended for those who do not

 want to BC right away.  If you want to buy it just click

 on the book.



Additionally, you can visit YouTube for some tips and tutorials.  A word about YouTube, do not I repeat do not make this your go to for everything natural hair.  It should only be guide for you.  That is not to say that many of those on YouTube are not credible, but that you should beware of YouTube.

Finally, you can also visit websites such as


Yes, the same Curly Nikki that wrote “Better Than Good Hair.”  Nikki Walton is one of the top go to people in the natural hair blog world.  She is accomplished, well know, credible, and of course is natural.  She has been there and knows the ups and downs.  Also, she continues to learn and find out what is new on the natural scene.  Just click the banner to go there.



For a little of this and a little of that check out Afrobella.  Patrice is awesome and wonderful spirit to be around.  I was blessed enough to meet her at SXSW (For those who don’t know South By Southwest in Austin, Texas.  It’s a Austin thang).  She offers great advice and has been around in the natural hair scene for years, since around 2006.  You can information on natural hair, beauty, culture, and life.  So, you know what to do, click the banner to go there.


To end this post, I just want to say that you should know your hair.  The more you know your hair the better you can care for your hair.  Lets stop figuring out our hair and learn our hair so that we can grow longer, stronger, healthier chemical free hair.  If you are in the Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Texas area look for a meet-up on June 15th, hosted by Tresses Kinks & Twists “Learning Your Natural Hair”.


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