Curly Girl Techniques That We Should All Familiarize Ourselves With

Hey Natural Divas!


After a successful INHMD event, I really learned that many naturals out there are walking in the dark.  What I mean is that they are unaware of certain methods or techniques for naturals out there.  Now all techniques  are not for every natural.  So, I was looking around and found some that are of particular importance to us Curly Girls out there.  So here goes!

1) The Pineapple! 

The name comes from the way the green spines sit on top of a pineapple.  When done correctly your hair should be on top of your head using a loose silk scrunchie or ouchelss band to secure the hair in place overnight.  This is a method that is important when you want to retain length.  In addition to helping curly girls keep those long coils it can also help with keeping curls full of life.  After a few days of wearing a curly style, pineappling can help to elongate curls as well.  Don’t forget, you still need to wear your satin bonnet, scarf, or sleep on your satin pillow case.


2) Plopping !

Plopping is method that is used to create more defined curls.  Major frizz usually stems from touching your hair when wet and/or without product.  When plopping you should use a microfiber towel or the usual t-shirt to help in decreasing frizz and can also help hair to dry faster.  There are also products out there such as the Curl Ease Towel that help with frizz.


3) Finger Coiling

Finger coiling is a technique that allows you to wear a curly style formed by twirling hair around your finger.  Finger coiling can be used when you are having those bad hair days.  When finger coiling you should use a cream (preferably heavy) or gel.  In order to finger coil, complete your usual cleansing method and apply your leave in conditioner.  You hair will clump up the more you rake it and smooth the gel.  Next you want to coil sections of hair around your finger and hold for around 10 seconds.  This will make the section of hair take a more defined curl pattern depending on your hair.  You would just keep doing this until you have completely coiled your entire head.


4)  Scrunching Out Crunch

Have you ever had that crunchy hair feel before?  Well there is a way to get rid of it.  Give your curls that bounce back.  If you have crunchy hair you may have used a strong gel or did not scrunch out the crunch.  When your hair has dried completely, just take a small amount of light oil and rub it in your palm, then squeeze sections of your hair.  Scrunch hair while bending over so that you can create volume.  Just keep doing this all over your head until your hair is no longer crunchy.


These are a few curly girl techniques that can help you to get through the day or week.  It is never too late to learn new things about your natural hair.  So, put these techniques to memory and keep those curls happy!

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