Hairfinity Challenge & Giveaway

Hello Natural Divas!

Well, now that I have wrapped up INHMD, things are getting back to normal.  Which means that I will be back to blogging.  The very first blog post that I would like to do is for Hairfinity.  If you have been keeping up with the blog, then you know that I said to stay tuned for a Hairfinity Challenge.  The time is now and I am ready.


Hairfinity is a Dietary Supplement that is intended to promote faster growing, longer, and stronger hair.  Brock Beauty, the company that makes Hairfinity Daily Supplements, is out of the Louisiana area and makes other natural hair products such as Essentious.

I know the first thing that you want to know is what is in them?  Well, Hairfinity contains vitamins A, C. D3, B1, B2, B12, B6, B3, Calcium, Biotin, MSM, Folic Acid, Collagen, Horsetail, and Pantothenic Acid.  As you can see from the ingredients, these supplements pretty much contain all of what you would see in a regular daily multi-vitamin.  The exception here is that there are higher dosages of Biotin.  We all know that Biotin promotes healthy hair growth.  Many naturals purchase Biotin Supplements that they take to help with hair growth.  These daily supplements come in a bottle with 60 tablets/pills in a clear capsule.  This is a 30-day supply of supplements that you will take  twice per day at the time you determine.  The supplements can be purchased for around $24.99 – $25.00.  Brock Beauty normally has some special or discount code every month.  If you have interest in purchasing these supplements you may want to search for a coupon code.

Now you ask, “What are the side effects?”  Well, since starting to take the pills on May 19th, I have experienced no side effects.  That does not mean that others have not.  Some have said that they broke out really bad.  But the majority of naturals who have taken these supplements have had not had any side effects.  The only thing that I will add is that you do need to increase your water intake with these supplements.  Because there are high concentrations of Biotin you do need to be sure to help your body in getting rid of the nutrients that it does not use.  As with anything that you ingest, you should speak to your physician first to make sure that it is okay for you take these supplements!

Now, you may be saying, “These are just a gimmick”.  I know that is what I said at first.  But, there are a number of loyal users out there that say that their hair has grown from 1/4″ to 1″ per month after taking these vitamins.  If you do not know, African-American hair growth is roughly 1/2″ per month give or take, based on individual hair care.  With that being said, these are not a magic pill.  You must still take care of your hair and follow some type of healthy hair regimen.  If not there will surely be no success in faster hair growth.

Here are a few user videos showing the hair growth that they experienced when taking Hairfinity.

Now, here is the big news!!   I am doing a Hairfinity Challenge.  I will be using Hairfinity for 3 months.  I will post videos monthly to show any increased hair growth with use of the supplements.  I will also give away 5 bottles of Hairfinity to 5 people.  All that you have to do is to send a video telling me your hair growth challenges and why you want to try Hairfinity.  The way this will work is that you will need to send videos to  Please include Hairfinity giveaway in the subject, include your name, email, and address in the email as well.  The winners will be chosen as follows:

1 – Winner on June 19th, 2013

2 – Winners on July 19th, 2013

2 – Winners on August 19th, 2013

The days that winners will be announced are also the days that I will post length check videos.   Please be aware that these supplements are not guaranteed to make your hair grow faster.  Other factors should be considered when taking these vitamins such as, natural hair maintenance, and genetics.  Remember, please check with your doctor before taking supplements.

If you would like to purchase Hairfinity Supplements please click here:

Good Luck!!!


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