INHMD Success

Natural Divas!

How you doing?  (In my Wendy Williams Voice).  Sorry that I had not posted for several days.  But, I was busy with setting up, hosting, and managing an awesome event called International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day here in Austin, Texas.  If you did not know, this event was created by Adeea Rogers, the Trendy Socialite.  She is a force to be reckoned with and just a great inspiration to us all.

The event here in Austin was held this past Saturday, May 18th, 2013, at the Westin at the Domain.  Tickets were sold out by Monday, prior to the event.  We had tons of giveaways, great guest speakers, and a lot of good natural hair conversation.  There were a ton of beautiful natural hair styles and I even did my Big Chop at the event.  With that being said, I will go ahead and put it put there.  I did not have much to chop because I had been transitioning for a little over 7 months.  It was still my Big Chop, because I am now 100% natural as of May 18th, 2013.

It was a wonderful experience hosting this great event.  That does not meant that it wasn’t stressful.  But, if asked I would do it again.  I will do it again locally sometime in the Fall for all those Austin naturals that missed out on INHMD or who are looking for good information and some inspiration.

Check out our wrap up video for the event and the video posted by Naturally on our event here in Austin.  Please don’t forget to leave your comments or ask questions.




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