Nighttime Natural Hair Routines

Hey Naturalistas!

night time 2

I know that many of us are new to the game or we just want to better maintain those natural styles for the next day or more.  So here is a post on how to keep those Twist-Outs, Wash-N-Gos, and more.

A good nighttime routine is important in keeping your chosen style looking great. We also want to get a good night’s sleep instead of sleeping in those yoga, fetal, and just plain crazy poses.  So let’s get to it!

The first style we can look at is the all too famous Wash N Go.  I feel like the main goal here is to keep your curls moisturized rather than that dry frizzy look that you sometimes get the day after a Wash and Go.  This method may even keep you from waking up with that crazy bed head.  Tools Include a shower Cap and Spray Bottle.

1. Start by lightly spritzing your hair with water and cover it up with a shower cap.  (You can find the plastic caps at Walmart, Walgreens, or Target.  You might not want all that noise while your sleeping though.  These stores also have some nice shower caps).  Between your natural body heat and light spritzing a green house affect is created that helps to keep curls moist so you can just fluff your hair and go.

Additional ways to keep that Wash N Go looking good is to plait your hair.  If you loosely plait your hair it will help to get rid of that crunchy hair while keeping it stretched to keep your from looking like Randy Watson!


1. To do this properly take a large section of your hair and braid it pretty loose, keeping in mind that you should leave the ends (about 1-2 inches) undone to maintain the curl at the ends.  Use a ouchless headband to hold the braid in place if it starts to unravel.

2.  Put on that Satin scarf or bonnet and get a good night’s rest.

Preserving your Twists or Braid-Out can be achieved by using the following method.  Now remember that your Twist or Braid-Out is not going to look as wonderful as it does on the first day, but you can preserve the style and possibly get it to last for two days from the date you originally style it.

1.  Start by putting your gel of choice or a pomade to your hairline and tie a scarf around it.  This will keep your edges laid so that in the morning you will not have to fight to get them in line with your plan for the day or pull out the toothbrush 🙂

2.  You have two choices here; either loosely twists your hair in large sections or you can use the pineapple method if your hair is long enough.  When pineappling, bend/lean over and gather your hair at the top of your head.  (If you want to see a great You Tube video check this one out from Mahogany Curls, one of our favorites).

3.  Secure your hair loosely with a satin scrunchy if pineappling.  Make sure that you don’t tie your hair too tight because it will leave that forever dent in your forehead that you must wait to fade away.  Put your satin bonnet on and then go to bed.

The main thing that you should remember is to cover your hair at night!  From experience I can say that cotton will suck all of the moisture from your hair over night, and also create friction which causes frizz.  Wrapping your hair can help to keep it in position, especially those updos.  If you are like me you can also do double duty and get a satin pillowcase.  If you want a good site for satin pillow cases check this one out Sharmooz.

You are done and your Twist or Braid Out is ready for second day hair!

I hope these hints help everyone.  Have a great day naturals!


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