Ayurvedic Treatments & Natural Hair

Hello Naturalistas!



We all want to have access to and utilize the best natural products for our hair.  So, while seeking a new blog topic I came across information on Ayurvedic Treatments for Natural Hair.  It is pronounced (I-your-vedic).  Lets get started!

Ayuvedic is a traditional system of Hindu medicine; that used diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.  Now some of you may now about Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and other herbs and oils considered to be a holistic approach to hair care.  What some of you may not know is that ayurveda can help to prevent hair loss, breakage, fill thinning areas, decrease shedding, enhance hair color, prevent and cover premature graying, and make hair soft!

Anyone can have or create a regimen centered around ayurveda, whether your hair is straight or curly.  The goal is to find those treatments that are best suited to you and to understand that the foundation of this type of treatment is to look to your body type, not hair type or skin color to find a successful treatment.  Knowing how your hair, body, and skin respond to what you are using is what is most important and remembering that natural is usually better.  Cassia, jasswand, shikakai, and aritha powders are all herbs that cleanse.  Repairing and strengthening herbs include: brahmi, amla, bhringraj(maka), and henna.  Neem, Tulsi, and others help solve certain problems but it is really matter of finding out first what condition your hair is.  Second, what do you need to repair and/or maintain that condition.

Ayurvedic regimens are great TLC for hair and are perfect now that we are heading into summer and our hair is exposed to the elements, heat, sweat, and other things we come in contact with.  There are treatments that can be utilized to keep your hair cleansed, happy, and healthily detox so we don’t spend all of our winters healing summer hair!

Here is a cool chart that I found on Ayurvedic treatments for natural hair and how to use them. 



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