Natural Hair In National News

Hey Naturals!


I was looking at CNN online at the end of March early April and found an article on natural hair!  Say huh say what?  Yes, the natural hair journey is now being recognized everywhere.

The article was really good and of course they talked to my favorite new author of Better Than Good Hair and go to natural hair blogger, Nikki Walton.

Better Than Good Hair


There are so many people out there who say, “Oh, this natural hair thing is just a trend it will pass”.  Myself and many others don’t see that as the case obviously if CNN felt the need to do a story on the topic.  The article is appropriately titled Natural Hair Offers a New Point of View.  This is and can be what it does for those who choose to take the journey.  The article shows some photos of naturals, African-American and Caucasian alike that rock natural hair.  This is great because it lets many of us see that being natural is something throughout many cultures and races.

Then they begin to go into how hair can control many women, especially African-American women.  Nikki talks about how she came to the decision to go natural and how much it changed her as well as how she felt about her hair.  What was really great about this was to find out that her then boyfriend and now husband was the one who recognized just how much her hair controlled her.  The topic of boyfriends and husbands that do not want their wives to go natural is a hot one and this shows that not all men are afraid to see their woman wear her hair in its natural state.

A professional stylist even commented on how Nikki transitioned from relaxed to natural hair.  The stylist praised her for her methods and the decision to slowly grow out her relaxed hair.  The main portion of the article that I focused on was on how being natural can restore confidence or give you new confidence in your appearance.  I know I cannot count how many times I used the corny line that going natural freed me?  But it is so true.  So visit to read this article.  Let me know what you think.


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