Black Rapunzel’s Prince Does Not Like Her Hair

Hey Naturals!

Sorry I have been away for a while.  I have been coordinating the International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day Event here in Austin and it has been busy for me.  Anyway, I found a very funny short about hair that I thought would give everyone a Thursday laugh.

First, lets not take this too seriously.  It is a short skit about Black Rapunzel.  Many of our black men do have a problem with natural hair and seem to think that it is ghetto, reminiscent of slavery days, or even just not beautiful on a black woman.  Instead they prefer long flowing straight hair.  Let me say first that is okay because every person has their own personal preference.  So this is not to bash the men out there who do not like women with natural hair.  But, I will also say that for those men that demean women with their comments on natural hair or what they think natural hair is, this is intended to bash them.  Because we all have a right to our opinion, not to force that on others.

Now, to step off of my soap box and get back to this short film.  I think that they did a great job of making this funny, but still throwing in a bit of truth about natural hair and how some people feel about it.  So check out the video and leave a comment on what you think about it.

On another note guys this is not a PG-13 short film but they do use some profanity, but I can truly say that I feel that this is all in fun with no intentions of degrading women in general or women with natural hair.




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