Who Knew? Angela Simmons Natural Hair

Hey Naturals!

Well, I was surfing this morning and saw on Instagram that Angela Simmons (Daughter of Rev. Run) had posted pics of her natural hair.

Angela and her hairstylist Nikk Nelson of Pressed Natural Hair Salon in Atlanta wanted to show off Angela’s Natural hair on Instagram.


Now we all know that Angela sports weaves (if you don’t know now you do).  But obviously it is has really helped her to maintain healthy and long natural waist length hair.  Her hair is just beautiful and goes to show that if you properly maintain your weave then you can promote healthy hair growth.

I am not at all saying that you need to have weave in order to have long natural hair.  But, I am saying that if you choose to wear weave you should make sure you maintain it.  With that being said you don’t have get your hair weaved up to have long hair either.  Weave is a protective style that can help those who do not like to mess with their hair all the time.  But take care of your hair under the weave if choose to wear this style.


Rock your natural Angela!

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