Shea Moistures New Home Hair Color

Shea Moisture Hair Color System


Hey Naturals!  Many of you out there are Shea Moisture lovers.  Great news for all naturals.  Shea Moisture has created and released a new Hair Color System for naturals.  This new product was released on March 14, 2013, in response to requests from the natural community for a product to color natural hair without damaging it.  The new line is called The Art of Color that includes 12 colors ranging from Light Blonde to Dark Brown to Bright Auburn to Jet Black .  Shea Moisture stuck with their mantra to create a product with wholly natural ingredients.

Just like their hair products, the hair color system was formulated with no ammonia, which is known to damage hair  and is found in may home hair color kits.  The Art of Color is infused with natural ingredients such as Soy Protein, Organic Glycerin and Shea Butter.  The permanent color provides complete coverage of gray and lift 2 shades.

Each product also comes in a beautifully designed box with women of color showcasing varied hair styles and textures.   The images are watercolor paintings by artist Michael Jamal, who was commissioned by Shea Moisture to create the images to appear on the new product.  Shea moisture wanted to properly represent the community, while showcasing the individualism and beauty of natural hair.

The Art of Color system can be found at Targets around the country for $14.99.

Is is Natural?

Considering that this is a permanent hair color, it is not going to be “natural”, but this is a safe and healthy option for coloring your hair because it is moisture-rich, permanent Hair Color System with natural and certified organic ingredients for any hair type.  There are no SULFATES or AMMONIA.

Will it Dry my Hair Out?

SheaMoisture used their knowledge of natural and certified organic healing ingredients with safe science, insight from top salon professionals and years of listening to women.   This color delivers healthy nutrients that minimize damage while delivering superior hydration, exceptional manageability and brilliant sheen.

The system is enriched with the following natural ingredients:

  • Organic Shea Butter provides moisture to damaged hair from root to tip.
  • Promotes healthy, shiny hair.
  • Soy protein helps strengthen hair by replenishing lost protein.
  • Flaxseed oil enhances shine and dimension.
  • Organic Glycerin aids in moisture retention.

How Well Does it Work?

Many of us have gray that we want to cover and it seems SheaMoisture is the one system that does this.  It covers gray and lifts color two shades, however it will not lighten hair many shades such as dark brown to light blonde.

Be aware as we all should that results will vary, keep this in mind when using any color.  Here are some before and after pics of a curlie who used SheaMoisture’s light auburn system and transformed her hair from a dark brown/black to a rich warm shiny red?


Screen-Shot-2013-02-08-at-8_53_02-PM-300x187                                                          Screen-Shot-2013-02-08-at-8_53_44-PM-300x187



Check out her video here



Please leave your comment or review if you have used this product.


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