Keeping Your Hair Tools Clean


Hey Naturals!

We sometimes forget the basic things such as cleaning our combs and brushes.  Time flies when styling those natural tresses.  All of us have done it before, but if we are sure to keep them clean we can save ourselves the hassle of future issues.

Here are some quick easy ways to keep your hair styling tools clean:

First – It would be a good idea to clean your brushes and combs every 3-4 weeks.  You can clean your brushes by taking a comb or the end of a rat tail comb and removing the dead hair from between the bristles.  With your combs you will just remove the dead hair from the comb.  This will keep all that stuff (dirt and grit) that can accumulate in the bristles.

Second – Next you want to clean the brushes and combs with the same shampoo that you use for your hair.  For your brush put some shampoo on top and let it fall to the bottom of the bristles.  Then using water scrub a bit and if possible use your fingers to get in between the bristles.  After you have cleaned the brush then take a towel and pat dry as much as you can to ensure that moisture does not sit allowing bacteria and germs to grow.  The comb is very quick and easy.  Again, use the same shampoo used for your hair and wash.  Then take the same towel used for your brush and dry your comb.

Third – If you wear your hair straight sometimes using a flat iron this will help to maintain your iron.  Heat the flat iron so that is WARM, not HOT!  Unplug the iron then take a damp towel with just a little shampoo on it and clean the plates on the iron.  Be sure that you clean the edges of the plates as well because this an area where the grime can accumulate.  Finally, dry the plates off with another towel.

Overtime and with use your tools will wear and you will eventually have to purchase more.  But until then take care of your tools so that you can continue to keep and maintain that beautiful crown of glory.


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