Curly Girl, Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy Hair, Uhh


Are you a curly girl with frizzy hair or just have frizzy hair?  Well lets talk about it.  We have all seen those naturals that have those beautiful naturally curly hair.  But, some of us have a very hard time dealing with the frizziness that comes along with those beautiful coils.  So I looked around for some information on how to deal with that frizz halo that some of us have.

We are without a doubt positive that weather plays a role in how our hair reacts to certain seasons.  These changes in your hair may range from dryness to excessive breakage and the dreaded frizz.  Here are some ideas on how to possibly get rid of the frizz for good.

Honey & Vinegar

A distilled white vinegar rinse is one way to fight frizz.  You can do this rinse while you shower.   It is fast and easy and only requires that you use items that can be found in your pantry.

How do I do it?          


Rinse your hair with warm water to remove any product or build up you may have.  Apply the vinegar directly to your hair and scalp.  Then rinse.  After rinsing, gently massage and then condition as usual.  Vinegar is a good remedy for reducing frizz by sealing the cuticle and restoring it to its normal PH balance.


To sweeten the deal you can use honey.  Honey is a natural remedy for combating frizz.  You can mix the honey with a conditioner or apply it directly to your hair.  I have always been one of those people who doesn’t like sticky hands (even as a kid), but you can definitely apply the honey directly to your hair after shampooing and before conditioning.

Here are some common tips for fighting frizz.

Don’t touch your hair so much, in particular when your hair is wet.  This will only prompt your hair to frizz.  Let your hair dry completely before you begin adding product or styling.

Find a frizz fighter to use as a leave in.  Human Sebum is the natural oil produced in the scalp.  It is the oil that is best for frizz fighting, so find an oil as close to it as possible.  Jojoba oil is the closest to it more so than any other natural oil.  You can find Jojoba oil at many of the natural grocers in your area, Whole Foods, even if you have HEB stores in your area they have it in their natural foods section.  Textured hair can become very dry and frizzy if it is shampoos too much.  If you frequently shampoo, you are robbing your hair of its natural oils.  Use a moisturizing cleanser or sulfate free shampoo that will cleanse your scalp gently.

This is where the “should I co-wash only” question comes in.  I will give you my opinion on this topic.  I do co-wash, but feel that you should at least wash your hair with shampoo at least once monthly.  You can surely shampoo more, but use a sulfate free shampoo so that you are not completely stripping your hair of its natural oil.  This is a very strong topic of debate in the natural hair community.  We should understand that every person’s hair is different and that is the main thing.  What may work for me may not work for others and what may work for you may not work for me.  But, we do need to be sure that if we use a lot of product that we are removing the build up that goes along with use of those products after a period of time.

So, you now have a key remedy to fighting frizz.  Try out and see if it works for you!


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