What is Good Hair?

Hello Naturalistas!

I wanted to do this post today because I always get this statement from those who give me excuses of why they will not go natural.  “You have a good grade of hair, so you can go natural”.  I always find this funny because I don’t know what is a good grade of hair.  So, I did some research last night and came across my girl, Tyra Banks’ show.  She did a show sometime last year I believe, when the Chris Rock movie “Good Hair” came out.  Now, if you are Black, White, or Hispanic I think this is a great movie to watch so that you can educated on hair in general.

Now, we all know that Tyra is a supermodel, she is gorgeous, and has said in the past that she loved her some weave.  I find that we were all at that point at sometime in our lives.  As young girls we got our hair pressed or permed, that is if you are around my age and grew up in the 70’s.


Why?  Because you had to get your hair washed, combed out (detangled is what we call it now), and then greased (to prepare for the hot comb), and then it began.  Now, my hair holds heat and always has.  So, the revenge was that my mom would usually burn her hands a bit.  But, it was more of a battle for me since I had to hold my head straight and you had the occasional small burn on the top of your ear.  Tyra’s show highlighted mothers who permed their daughter’s hair (mind you none of these little girls were over 8 years old) and some event put weave in their daughter’s hair.  I know I was like, “What!?” One mom even said that kiddie perms regular perms must be okay because they sell them.  Huh?  I am sorry, a perm is a perm, they just put little girl on the box and call it a kiddie perm to get moms to be okay with putting those chemicals in their hair.


Here is a video of what a kiddie perm did to one little girls hair.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, because every person has a reason for what they do.  But, I sometimes think that the reason that some of us do things such as get weaves, perm our hair, or even anything that makes us look better only do it for the positive benefit we receive.  What I mean by that is that we don’t do because it makes us feel good, we do it because we feel that others will think more of us and we do the same thing when it comes to our children.  The truly sad part about watching this show is that it appeared that many of these mothers had issues with their hair or past issues with their hair and were attempting to rectify the problem through their children.  Another of the mothers had even said that at the age of 11, she decided she would have a child with someone out of her race so the baby would not have “nappy hair”.  The little girl who made me cry is the one that wanted to wear her Hanna Montana wig all the time, because she thought she looked prettier with the long hair.  This goes back to slavery times, because we learned that if we could fit more into what the white idea of acceptable was (which was straight, long, or curly hair) we could get by in life much easier than those who were the picture of what we were in our homeland (Africa).  I really feel that this show was a great topic!  We all need to learn how to teach our children and ourselves to love who we are and what we are.  All of us have different textures and types of hair.  Each one unique and beautiful in its own way.  When we learn how to care for, maintain it, and what products work for it we are so much happier with it and our hair is much more healthy.

If you want to see the videos here they are.  Please leave us a comment on what you think about this.







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