International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day 2013


Are you ready Capitol City Naturalistas?  If not you need to get ready.  Austin’s 1st International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day Event is coming on May 18th, 2013.  This event is the first of its kind in Austin and is greatly anticipated by many.

This year’s attire is funky fresh dress to impress. So pull out or purchase your cutest skinny jeans, heels, and top or your bell bottom slacks, sparkly flats, and ruffle sheer blouse with your cutest natural afro or up do to attend the best natural hair meet up of the year.

International Natural Hair Meet Up Day is an annual one-day event for naturals. Its purpose is to allow the opportunity for women with natural hair across the country to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing and meeting (virtually) other women across the country participating in meet-ups on the same day. Natural hair meet-ups are events designed to share information, techniques, inspiration and products to aid individuals in their natural hair journey.

Attendees of the natural hair meetup will be able to:

Meet other naturals in their area

Gain exposure to natural hair product lines and companies

Learn the process of planning and executing a natural hair meetup (event hosts)

Meet natural hair and beauty bloggers and Youtube vloggers

Network with other natural hair meetup organizers (event hosts)

Discover resources, techniques, products and people who can serve as inspiration and information for the natural hair care journey

Win prizes in the giveaways/raffles

Get your tickets today!

Click the link on the left for INHMD 2013 or click this link.

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