6 Ways to Stretch Natural Hair

Hey Naturalistas!

If you are like me (as I know many if not most of you are) you suffer from the dreaded shrinkage.  We know that this is something that is just a part of being natural.  That does not mean that we have to like, we just have to live with it.  As I was thinking about what today’s post should be on, I decided that I would look for some information on how to stretch natural hair.

When you do those twist outs, flexi rod sets, or bantu knots you hair sometimes shrinks more than you would like it to.  Having a fresh twist out today, I can see all of my shrinkage very well.  But you can surely do things to help stretch your hair out for tomorrows style or if you just want more elongated curls or hair.

Some ways to go about stretching your natural hair include bunning, banding, braiding, double stretching, blow drying and hair butters.  Now don’t go into shock because you saw the blow drying.  Many naturals choose not to use heat in any form or fashion.  That is why I was sure to include all of the other methods.  So here is the chart to help you with ways to stretch your natural hair.




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