So Your Boyfriend/Spouse Doesn’t Like Your Natural Hair! What?!

I had the conversation again with my husband about me and natural hair.  This conversation has even been had with persons that I work with and I was told that they knew of women who lost significant others because of their natural hair?!  What?  I just cannot understand this.  But there is an interview that Method Man did and when asked if he liked women with natural hair he said, ““No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry. I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.”  I didn’t know that having natural hair meant that your hair was not done or that you had not visited a stylist possibly?   That is pretty sad, but it’s Method Man, c’mon.

So I was looking as some information and found a pretty cute and really to the point video about men and their understanding of natural hair.  Men are men and they don’t really understand all we go through as women to look good for them.  So check this man’s opinion on how to handle a situation when your boyfriend/spouse is not feeling your natural hair.



Check out a real man with real solutions for those who may be torn or in a quandry with your boyfriend/spouse when it comes to your natural hair.


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