Using Olive Oil On Natural Hair

How many of you have heard those veteran naturals say that all they use on their hair is Olive Oil?Well that is probably because they do. I think that a lot of the time we assume that because a person’s natural hair is healthy, that there has to be a secret product combination that they have used. We need to remember again that all of our natural hair is different and some may be similar. So, I wanted to look at Olive Oil and its uses on natural hair today.

Olive Oil in Hair Products

Even though there are other oils that may have more popularity, olive oil is known for its culinary uses and is easy to get a hold of at pretty much any grocery store. Olive oil has been used for food and hair during the dawn of many civilizations such as Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt and Greece.
So it make sense that olive oil is found in so many other hair products. It penetrates the hair cuticle so that necessary moisture and nutrients are absorbed, leaving hair not only smoother, but shiny and healthy as well.

If you didn’t know, olive oil is a great conditioner for hair, but there are other things about this essential oil That make it the perfect go-to for your natural hair. Olive oil penetrates better than other emollients and it is lightweight which makes it a great moisturizer.

In addition it has anti-inflammatory properties that help in promoting scalp health and preventing dandruff. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, an antioxidant important for growing hair.

Because the likely hood of someone being allergic to olive oil is slim, it is a good fit for those with skin sensitivity.

What Can You Do With Olive Oil

You can create your own Olive Oil Hair Treatment. Olive oil is inexpensive and can help add moisture to hair. Check out this easy olive oil treatment you can try to get gorgeous natural hair at home.

Warm 1/2 cup of olive oil in a microwaveable cup or bowl. The olive oil should be warm but not hot to the touch. If your hair is fine or you want a lighter treatment, add some coconut, sweet almond or jojoba oil.
Pour 1 tablespoon of the olive oil mix into your hands.
Starting with your scalp, massage the oil into your hair in a clockwise motion (circular) using your fingertip (the pads of your fingers). Finish by massaging the tips of your hair.
Put a shower cap on and let the olive oil sit 5-45 minutes, rinse with cool water and shampoo as you would normally.

Dry or Wet Hair

It’s all up to you whether you choose to utilize this treatment on dry or wet hair. if you choose have hair that is wet and conditioned the olive oil will seal in the moisture and other nutrients when the olive oil is applied.

The negative to this is that olive oil can be challenging to apply because of the hair’s slippery nature. If you apply it to dry hair, it has a similar effect, but there are those who say that it does not lock in as many nutrients when dry as it does when it is wet.

Those who use this treatment suggest getting into the shower and letting the steam work its magic to enhance the effects of the olive oil on the hair. You may want to be careful afterwards as the shower floor will be slick.

So, when you need a go to for your natural hair regimen that is not costly, easy to find, and promotes growth and the health of your hair, olive oil is the one.



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