News Flash!

Hey Naturals!

It’s time for some great news!  The countdown has begun.  Tresses Kinks & Twists online store will open on March 1st 2013.  There are now 24 days left until the online store goes active.

Have your ever went to Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or Target and wished that you had a greater variety in natural hair care products.  Well,  just like working out and doing the same routine for a long time, it can be the same with your hair care products.  When you use the same product for long periods of time the product can become ineffective because your hair has gotten so used to it.  Changing up products after use can help you to get back to that shine and softness that you may not experience anymore after using a product for a prolonged period of time.  So visit Tresses Kinks & Twists online store.

Tresses Kinks & Twists online natural hair product boutique will offer natural hair care products by brands such as Entwine Couture, Belle Butters, Obi Natural, JessiCurls and many more.  Our store will also carry natural hair accessories and tools by Tangle Teezer, Hair Therapy Wrap, Curls Like Us, Curlease and more.  Our goal is to provide and present to our customers the best quality natural hair care products available.  The product manufacturers that we work with are committed to using the best ingredients in their products.

logo    20130204-091321.jpg





We are located in Austin, Texas and ship everywhere.  We hope that we will be your go to for natural hair care products.  So visit our online store on March 1st 2013 to get your natural hair products.


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