Drying Your Natural Curls

Hello Naturals!
Did you ever stop and think about what you use to dry your hair as you finish up your weekly, monthly, or daily regimen? I did not until recently. I would do my weekly wash and grab my cotton bath towel and dry my hair :(. Poor me, I did not know or think about what it could and probably did do to my hair and curls.

Today’s post is going to be about drying your natural curls, coils, and kinks. That bath towel that we reach for can be the destruction of the intense labor we just put in. When you use a cotton bathe towel, it will disrupt the cuticle. The point is to keep that cuticle smooth so we see that shine and beautiful curl, coil, or zigzag formation which can also lead to that frizz we all hate.

But have no fear! You have options. The DevaCurl Deva Towel works for times such as these. It is a microfiber towel that costs about $12 online. The reviews that I saw we’re varied on this product. There were no must have reviews, but there were comments on its size and price. I have not used the product myself, but I wanted to be sure that you had the information.


The next option is the Curlease towel. I do have this one and I love it! I did notice a difference in the amount of frizz that I experienced after using this towel. It is not a microfiber towel, but it absorbs the water in your hair without totally drying your hair out. It is a very long towel, about 4′ feet long and 2′ feet wide. So you you can plunk, do your turban, or whatever you choose. You have enough towel to do as you please. Now, I will say that after reading reviews I decided to wash mine twice before use and have had no issues. We will be selling these towels in the Tresses Kinks & Twists online store in March for $19.99. They come in pink, white, and chocolate!


Curl Cloths are another option. Theses cloths are also deigned to wick away or dry the right amount of moisture from your hair without totally drying your hair out. They come in sets of 2 for $24.95. They looking very cute but I have no direct experience with the towel myself. The only downside I see for some is they suggest that you not make a turban with the towel.

curl-cloths-hanging                20130204-091321.jpg

The final and least expensive option is an old t-shirt. I think this may be the go to for many. There is not must explanation needed here and this tool is free.

So I hope this helps a bit in your journey for the perfect frizz free curl. Always remember to use the blot and squeeze method, don’t scrub or rub your hair.


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