YouTube & Natural Hair

Hey Naturals!

I wanted to talk about YouTube.  We all know that if you want to know, learn, or see everything you can find it on YouTube.  For us naturals we can see our favorite vloggers, product reviews, and/or styling tips.  But I thought about how some people really take YouTube and the natural hair information provided a bit farther than intended.  This is not to knock anyone who visits YouTube on a regular basis, but to say that we should all be aware of how YouTube can suck you in after a few hours of trolling the site for information.

I want to warn all transitioners take  caution to viewing YouTube to find natural hair information.  YouTube is great, but you should also remember to view other forms of media such as books, new/articles on the subject, and even studies if you can stand to read dry information for a period of time.  YouTube can take you into the rabbit hole and you may never come out.  So use your information wisely, whether it is YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media outlet.  Be aware that those individuals providing information are styling their own hair, using products that work for their hair, have a different texture of hair than you have, or have longer hair than you have.  I say this to say that everything is not for everybody.  Don’t psych yourself into thinking that because it looks so pretty on the YouTube video that it is going to be for you because you will disappoint yourself.  Be open-minded and understand that “Your Hair is Your Hair”.  If you want to know if something will work for you you may want to go to a natural hair stylist and get a foundation and then work from there.

Good YouTube vloggers inclcude Naptural85, Meechy Monroe, Mahogany Curls, and Hey Fran Hey.  There are more but these are some that I could say right off the top of my head are great vloggers, they provide good information, and continuously remind viewers that this is what works for them.  So don’t stop viewing YouTube because of what I just said.  If you are just looking for a new style go right ahead.  If you want to get some product reviews go right ahead.  But don’t get sucked into the beauty of someone else’s hair, because yours may not be the same as their or look the same as theirs in a style they present on YouTube.

Dont’ forget to leave your comments guys on this post.  Thanks for checking in!


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