Status 31

Hey Naturals!

Have any of you thought about how the media, music industry, movie industry, and society tend to condition young women to think that they must look a certain way to be beautiful.  Then as we mature and get older we find out that it is all a farce.  Well, I was looking at my Facebook page over the weekend and found a non-profit organization called Status 31.  Their foundation is on Proverbs 31, The Perfect Wife.  It talks about what a woman should be.  I think that it is something that many if not all of our young women need to know.  The Facebook post included a video of a young lady who entertained through spoken word.  Now some people go “OMG not another spoken word poet”.  But; this young woman was very good and it is not all about the flow, but also about the content.  So I wanted to make sure that I provided the video for your viewing.  I hope that you actually listen to her words as they relate to women, how we see ourselves, and how at times we give ourselves over to things that we were created to be a part of.   You can visit their website by googling Status 31.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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