Austin Professionals With Natural Hair Meet Up

Hello Naturals!

Today I met up with an awesome group of women in the Austin, Texas area.  Let me start at the beginning.  I was researching information on natural hair, events, and groups in the area.  I came across meet and began trolling the different meet up groups in the Austin area.  I found “Austin Professionals With Natural Hair” and decided to join.  After checking the site there was interest in a first meet up for 2013.  The group founder Yavonna Glenn was just a joy to meet!  That is not to say that the other women in the group were not.  All of the women attending were great and I enjoyed meeting and talking with each and every one of them.

Groups such as the one that I have found are important to have in my opinion.  Being a new transitioning natural I have a lot of questions and not a lot of places to obtain valuable, creditable, and/or experience based information.  I know that YouTube has all kinds of videos, but not all of the videos provide good information.  Not all of the videos tell you that all of us have different hair with different needs.  This is where I see the flaw in YouTube information (natural hair related).  Understand that I am not say don’t go to YouTube, because there is valuable information there (not all of it).  Also, don’t immerse yourself in these videos.  If you visit YouTube and decide to utilize that information you should not take to heart everything you see and hear.  Because everything that you are taking in may not be for you and every style may not be something that you can do at home.  A stylist is still always a go to for real knowledge and information on natural hair or transitioning.  To clarify what I mean, you should probably visit an experienced natural hair stylist to get some good information and once you figure out your regimen you can move forward with the knowledge base you received from your stylist and the experience that you have gained.

Having a good group to draw from is also an asset.  Many of the ladies I met today have some time in the natural game and have gone through the experiences that I will be going through.  It feels good to know that I can email someone with questions or concerns.  Look for a group in your area, one that works for you.  So, here are some photos of our meet up and if you live in the Austin area check out the group at









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