Weaves and Natural Hair

Hey Naturals!

Today’s post is going to be on wearing weave when you have natural hair.  I was trolling the internet to get some ideas on what to post about.  I love Kelly Rowland, I think she is just a doll.  I noticed that she does wear her weave, but I am not sure if she has natural hair.  Anyway, I have learned recently that some naturals become disenchanted with their hair and long for a new style.  They look online for styling tips and search YouTube but to no avail are not satisfied with the results.  Many will get a weave so that they can have the versatility of what weave offers.  I myself say no to weave because in my opinion it tends to make my hair thin and I do not like that at all.  But to each her own!  There are some good things about weaves but then there are the negatives.  So here we go!

Positives to Having Weave:

Style versatility– With weaves an individual can experiment with color without damaging their hair.  Also, you can do so much more with weaves in regard to styles that require cutting or particular shape.  All these positives allow you to test the waters without damaging your own coif.

Protective Styling- We all know (if you have done your research) that weave is a form of protective styling for us naturals.  Low manipulation allows you to relieve the constant stress of styling your hair, thus contributing to growth and health.

Less Manipulation – Similar to the positive above, there is less manipulation with weaves depending on what you are looking for.  But, then you can also manipulate weave to fit your style and taste.  We all know the less we stress those tresses the healthier our hair is.

The Negatives to Having Weave:

Costs – In order to get a good weave that is done properly and not one that will damage your hair you have to pay up!  Sometimes it is just not cost effective to get weave for some us.

Hairline Loss or Edge Loss – Weaves are infamous for causing edge loss for many women.  As indicated in the first negative to weaves, a weave that is not done properly; such as when the braids are too tight (the foundation of a weave) can cause breakage or when the hair is not given a chance to breathe.  By not putting the weave right back in after removal.  Haven’t you seen the pictures of Naomi Campbell?  How sad!

Up Keep – When you do get a good weave we can sometimes think that maintaining our hair is not as important at that time.  Seeing the inner diva inside on the outside when we get that weave blurs our sight and we forget that we still have to maintain our hair and the weave.  This can defeat the purpose of the protective style.

So is getting a weave for you?  Everyone should make this decision based on their wallet, time, and what they hope to get out wearing the weave.  I will stick to my natural styles for now.  Leave us your comment.


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