Natural Hair Project

Hey Naturals!

I was considering what to post this week.  I was checking out some websites and found a young woman seeking funding for a Natural Hair Project.  Her project will showcase natural through photography of people from different cultures and their natural hair.  I think that this is an awesome idea. She and I may see eye to eye on this natural hair thing because she too does not think that natural hair is a fad, but rather an epiphany.  This is just my opinion based on her reasons for doing this project.  People have begun to have epiphanies about their hair, bodies, and health more so today than they have in the past.  In particular African-Americans have become more aware and educated when it comes to their image including their hair.  So if you would please, contribute at least $1 to this young lady’s project so that we are all able to reap the benefits of viewing the dazzling photos that she will take of natural hair and those that embrace it.

To offer your donation follow the link below.

Natural Hair Project


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