Going Natural & Loving The Hair That You Have

Hey Naturals!

I wanted to talk about something that I have talked about before.  Since, I am transitioning and seeing my natural curls appear from my crown I just wanted to reiterate that we should all understand that our hair will be different from someone elses.  Many people go natural because they are dreaming about the hair they saw in a magazine, the style they saw Janelle Monae wear, hair like Chili from TLC, or hair like Mahogany Curls.  Then comes the truth, my hair is nothing like thought it would be?!  On to my favorite, those who contemplate going natural but think that their hair is “Nappy” and you must have “Good Hair.”  Now, you all know if you have read my post before on hair typing that I am not all that into it.  But, hair typing can be helpful in determining what products will work for your hair. Hair typing seems to play a major factor in they way that people grasp the natural journey and what their hair should look like.  What I mean by this is some take hair typing so seriously that they develop this idea of what their hair should look like instead of what it looks like.  This leads to some not making it through the natural hair journey.  I think that it is such a shame that many of us don’t make it through because of image/aesthetics.  With that being said I want you watch this video by Mahogany Curls on Loving the Hair That You Have.  She says it very well and I am totally agree with her.  Love What You Have and make sure that you have Healthy Hair.


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