The Unwritten Rule

Hey Naturals!

First let me apologize for the site being unavailable recently.  We are in the process of updating all of our information to reflect the new name “Tresses Kinks & Twists”.  Thanks for being patient with us.

Anywhoo, I found a great video this morning that I thought was pretty funny.  As African-American women we face a lot of questions from our co-workers about our natural hair, braids, and so on.  So when we come in to work with braided hair, extensions there are always the five statements.

1. Oh your hair is so beautiful!  They give you the your hair is beautiful statement to initiate the next two questions.

2. How long does it take to do that?  As if they are considering having it done to their hair.

3. How did they put it in your hair? So now they are considering becoming stylist? I think not!

4.  Does it hurt?  Well, no. Because if it was painful we would not have it done?!

5.  Well I love it on you I think it is just beautiful.

Now, don’t take it that I get offended by any of these comments.  I just think it is very funny as the video points out.  I know that we all would like to say some of the things that the employee says out loud.  But, there are two sayings that fit a situation such as this.  Here they are:

“Stupid is as stupid does”.  Forrest Gump

“When you know better, you do better”.  Maya Angelou

So when you get these comments or statements at work, think about this video.  We have come a long way with natural hair and braids in the workplace.  There was a time that many of us were told we could not wear these styles because they were too ethnic.  Here in Austin, Texas it is not shocking to see a young white guy or girl rocking braids or locs.

So Happy Thursday!  Here a laugh on us at Tresses Kinks & Twists.


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