The Detangling Dance

Hey Naturals!

I though I should do a post on detangling.  Detangling can take you back to those days of sitting between mama’s knees, getting ready to get your hair pressed.  Also, I have many friends who said that they have a real issue with detangling and hate doing it.  As a natural it seems that detangling is battle many of us hate to go into.  The main goal is to get the knots and tangles out without pulling all of your hair out!  So I wanted to start with the two detangling methods and then a few styling tools to help you with the process.

There are two methods of detangling: Wet Detangling and Dry Detangling.

Dry Detangling

This method is normally done when a natural is prepping for a shampoo.  Detangling prior to shampooing helps with hair that is easily tangled and also helps to add moisture to dry hair.  After viewing a number of videos & sites, it seems this method is done by using an oil or conditioner and sometimes both.

Wet Detangling

This method is done when hair is wet (duh!).  Many naturals choose this method because the hair is easier to work with, considering that the water and conditioner used has a great slip.

Detangling Tools

I do admit that I love my Denman!  The Denman Brush is a tried and true detangling tool that has been used by hair stylist for quite a long time now.  It is one of the more popular tools among naturals because it helps to detangle in a more efficient manner because of its flexible teeth.  The flexible teeth take care of detangling and removing shed hair in one fell swoop.  Now get ready, because the Denman comes in different styles.

The D3 is the more popular of the brushes Denman carries.


But, Denman also carries a D31 and D41 that are popular for those with the concern of snagging hair during detangling.  So if your interest is piqued, check out the Denman brush at

Finger Detangling is another method that is also used by most naturals.  It is the easiest and most effective way to detangle.  When using your fingers to detangle, you just comb through your hair like a rake goes through grass.  You continue until you have gotten out all tangles.  This method is by far the best because your fingers are better at finding tangles, but it does take more time.

Wide Tooth Combs are another tool that is popular.  Wide tooth combs detangle and help with removing shed hair.  There are many varieties available and you can find them just about anywhere for a reasonable price.  I keep one in my shower and one in my bathroom.

The last tool is called the Tangle Teezer and it one of the better tools out there.  The positives are that the Tangle Teezer has flexible teeth like the Denman and are very good at getting tangles out.  But, the one issue with this tool is that it does not have a handle.  If your like me this is not good.  I am clumsy and would not get through many strokes without dropping this one.  The product itself is very efficient and the missing handle may not be a problem for everyone.


So now that you know choose your method or don’t choose just one, choose both!  Happy detangling naturals.


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