Getting Your Ends Cut/Trimmed

Hey Naturals!

I thought it was about time for us to discuss when you should cut or trim your ends since it is coming up on that time for me.  There are a lot of myths out there about whether to trim your hair and when.  Some people think that you should trim your hair because it makes it grow.  Others think that you should only trim your hair once a year.  But, in my opinion and based on my hair I only trim my ends when they need it.  This is probably the safe route to take when going natural.

It is truly a myth that in order for your hair to grow you need to trim it and trim it often.  Remember yesterday’s post, “Your Hair Is Your Hair”?  That applies here as well.  When it comes to trimming your hair, how often you trim it depends on your hair.  Trimming your hair does not make it grow.  Genetics play a part in how quickly your hair grows, not trips to the barber or salon.  We all know that on average your hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, taking into consideration the health of your hair.  Some people could experience more growth and some less, it again depends on genetics.  So be careful not to fall prey to the myth that trimming your hair will make it grow.

Now, the best way that I have found to go about this is to listen to your hair.   We all know our hair and you should be able to tell when it is beckoning for a trim.  If you hair has split ends, is brittle, or just feels a bit rough it is probably time to get it trimmed.  Remember is you are doing a long grow out you still have relaxed hair and you do not want to damage the hair at the line of demarcation (where the relaxed hair and natural hair meet), because your hair can break off at this point because of its fragile state.  Failing to get your hair trimmed at this point can cause some damage that may lead to a “BC” because of the irreparable damage done due to split ends.  So get to know your hair and what needs so that you are able to set a schedule for trimming your hair.  No matter your schedule, be it every six weeks, every six months, or once year make sure that your hair stays healthy!


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