Your Hair Is Your Hair

Hey Naturals!

Well, I am now getting more comfortable with my transition.  I now have 1 1/2 inches of natural growth and my hair is beginning to take on that full look that I want.  I know that there may be some of you out there that were experiencing exactly what I was, frustration.  But, I think that it has to be said again that “Your Hair Is Your Hair”!

A lot of women make the transition to natural hair because they see the girls/women with thick, long, curly, wavy, beautiful natural tresses.  But, many do not understand that Your Hair Is Your Hair.  All of us have very different hair.  Some of us have curls, some have kinks, some have waves, and some of us have mixed textures.  Because our all of us have different hair the styles that each of us wears may not work for someone else.  I remember when I made the decision to transition I got so involved in trolling the natural hair sites, Tumblr, essence natural hair articles, and YouTube.  My eyes would get big and I would say I want my hair to look like that!  Deep inside I knew that my hair would not look like every photo that I admired.  Don’t get caught up in this hype.  Although these women are beautiful and so is their hair your hair may be different.  You need to be able to accept your hair for what it is and what it will be.  By doing so you will be able to make the journey to natural much less stressful on yourself.  Even though I say this will help, not all of us will complete our journey and may have to start again.  That is okay, I just want everyone to know that it is a challenge not matter what!  Going natural takes some stamina, will power, and patience.  Learn to accept the hair that you have and know “Your Hair Is Your Hair”!

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