The Transition

Hey Naturalistas!

As a transitioner, we can be faced with a great deal of frustration when it comes to styling and the search for the perfect product.  One of the main points of frustration is that time when you figure out that you have curly hair and that a product will work for you, at the crown (sigh).  So you get all excited about how you will be able to wear your hair, the picture that you saw on Tumblr.  Then, let down!  That damn perm will not cooperate.  You go back to the bun, twist out or Curlformers.  Next, once you get your hair styled you face the task of trying the technique of Pineappling.  If you don’t know what this is, it is a technique where you pull up your hair in high ponytail with a satin scrunch or another tool that will not pull your hair out.  But, when you are transitioning Pineappling turns into a fiasco.  Why?  Because those damn relaxed ends still will not cooperate.

I have the answer transitioners.  Transitioners have a few options to get us through: Braid Out, Twist Out, or straw set.  These are the go to styles for those of us who still have to live with those relaxed ends and curly/kinky crowns.  Why put yourself through the emotional rollercoaster?  Work with the hair  that you have at the current moment and leave the Pineappling up to those veteran naturals for now.  In no time we will be the ones in those style photos on the Curly Nikki site, My Natural Sistas, and all those other Natural Hair sites.

I post this tonight sisters to say don’t give up, don’t give in to the frustration.  Your hair will be long natural and healthy before you know it.


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