The Fear of Going Natural

Why is it that some women fear going natural?  This post is not a post intended to make women go natural.  But, I do want to find out and maybe get some comment on why many women are afraid to wear their natural hair.  It is also not intended to throw shade at the sisters who choose to relax their hair.  Each person definitely has their own personal reason why they wear their hair the way that they do.

As I transition I am finding out that many African-American women do not want to go natural because of the stigma associated with nappy (a word I hate to use), wild, unkempt, or hair that does not fit societies accepted norm of straight flowing hair.  As you all know we all have different curl patterns to our natural hair.  With the New Year knocking on our door I want those contemplating or who have thought about going natural to really understand that we are all different and beautiful in our own way.

While typing this post I happen to stumble across Willow Smith’s new song “I Am Me”.  This little girl is constantly critiqued and criticized about her hair, its color, and/or her look.   I think that it is wonderful that she is allowed to be herself, no matter who that self is.  I say this because if you listen to her song and watch the video it speaks to exactly what I am discussing in this post.  No matter who you are, what size you are, what color you are, what culture you come from, or even how you wear your hair you are beautiful and free.  You should not concern yourself with society’s idea of what you should look like, especially your hair.

Check out Willow’s new video.  This is a very talented little girl and she will go far.  I am proud of her recognizing that she does not need anyone’s validation for her to love herself.


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