Gaining Natural Hair Knowledge

Hey Natural Rockers!

We hope that you had a wonderful & blessed Christmas Holiday.  I wanted to get back to my postings, since I had been so busy this holiday.  Since we are heading into a new year & My Natural Coiffure is having the New Year Natural You Giveaway, I wanted to add some knowledge for the 2013 year.  I think that natural hair will continue going strong into 2013.  Because of the strength of the movement more women will consider, make attempts, and complete the transition to natural hair.

You all know that I have said before that having knowledge on natural hair, especially for people of color (African-Americans particularly) we need to know particular traits of our hair so that we choose the right products for our hair.  I am all cool with the product junkies out there who just love getting and trying new products.  But, when you buy products that don’t work you truly become a junkie, a hoarder of hair products.  My point here is that if you are a hair junkie buy products that will work for your hair instead of wasting money on products that don’t.

You should know your hair texture, porosity, and density of your hair.  Do you know yours?  Well let me help you out.  Check out the following video from by Carol’s Daughter.  I think this is a great video that can help newbies in obtaining the correct products for their hair and keep them from falling prey to “The Chart”.  The main point here is that everyone’s hair is not the same!  What may be good for your friend may not be good for you.  So check it out and leave me your comments.


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