A Song that Pokes Fun at Women Wearing Lace Front Wigs, Is It Funny or Just Plain Mean

I thought that this would be an interesting conversation.  Many women, especially a majority of African-American women seem to feel that men would prefer a women with long flowing hair.  While surfing the internet I stumbled upon a video called “Lace Front Shawty” that was performed by a group of young male rappers.  The song discusses the fact that these young men obviously would prefer that if a woman had long flowing hair that it be her own and not purchased.  Now I don’t have any problem with women who wear lace front wigs, but is the tide changing?  We all know that Miss Beyonce Knowles helped in creating the lace front movement for black women.  Even those that cannot afford the lace fronts that Beyonce can seem to find the somewhere, somehow.  I have a younger sister who wears lace front wigs and weaves like a preacher practices religion.

We all know that some protective styles can still be damaging to your natural hair.  But, lace front wigs have also had some damaging effects on its wearers.  In a biography on Countess Vaughn, (see pic below) she said that she had to drop out of a competition (a show that allowed other stars to become rappers) because of lace front glue poisoning that caused scalp lacerations.  In addition to cases of glue poisoning, lace front wigs can cause scalp and hair damage including hair loss at the hairline.

Cover Photo

So do you think that videos and songs about lace front wigs are funny or just plain mean.  I think that most of these videos are just poking fun at those who wear lace front wigs.  I think that it should be noted that the PSA for Lace Fronts however, is intended show women beauty is also what is naturally given to you (with some humor).  Understand that although I don’t wear a lace front I don’t throw shade to those who do.  To each his own and if you are okay with it then do you.  Post your comment after you watch these videos.


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