Guest Bloggers

Hey Natural Rockers (ladies who rock it natural)!

I am looking for some guest bloggers for the New Year to blog about their natural journey.  I have been natural now for about 3 months and I would like to have some other opinions to offer other than my own.  It seems thus far that I will be a curly girl with a 3B/3C pattern per the charts that I have reviewed.  I am hoping to really get my blog going in the coming year so that it can really do what I intended it to do when I started.  I will also ask some of the bloggers to test out some products that I am in the process of obtaining from some new product manufacturers.  What is better than free products?

You can blog about any of the following:


Your Natural Journey

Hair regimens


Styling tools

Tutorial (video hopefully)

Hair Styles

Transition Stories

and there is much more that you can blog about.  So give me a yell at  I will review the information that you have provided and contact you to let you know that you have been chosen.  I would prefer a video/photo to put a face with a name and what you would like to blog about.


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