How Do You Feel About Your Natural Hair

I was sitting thinking about what my next post would be.  I had a lot of things in mind like; how perms can damage your hair, do you need to trim your ends often when transitioning, and even does your curl pattern really matter.  But what was sticking in my mind was a conversation that I had with a new friend.  We discussed natural hair and that I was transitioning.  In the conversation she said my hair is that real hair!  So as you know she meant kinky (not nappy).  I do not like using the word nappy in the contest of describing black hair that places it in a light that makes it derogatory.  I know that you have the Vlogger Naptural85, who I love by the way and many other Vloggers and naturals that use the term nappy in a positive connotation.  The question that I want to ask is how do you feel about your natural hair?

I love my hair since deciding to transition.  I feel empowered (as corny as that sounds), I think that I have more of a sense of freedom, and I don’t really care what anyone thinks any more.  As a matter of fact I have gotten more complements since beginning my transition, than when I was perming my hair on a regular basis.  I wanted to go natural because I wanted to see my hair in its natural state, something I had not seen in over 15 years.  I was also tired of looking for a great stylist in Austin, Texas where I live.  I never thought about my hair in negative way that hindered me from deciding to go natural.  I know some people think natural means nappy (in that negative way).  But I have been learning that your natural hair, its growth, health, and style depends on you.  If you are willing to put in the time involved, research, and a little cash you can have the natural hair you see in photos, on YouTube, and on television.

To get to this nappy title.  What is nappy?  Why is there such a negative connotation that goes along with the word nappy.  Well, we have been conditioned through media to think that anything that is not straight, curly, and long and flowing is not beautiful.  One of my favorite vloggers is CharJay.  She is just beautiful and so is her hair.  I hope as my blog grows that I am able to interview her one day.  But, I watched her transformation from her “BC”, product trials, to hair growth and it was just awesome.  Now she has this head full of natural kinda kinky hair.  But in the end her hair is beautiful in its natural state.  She styles it in great ways and uses products such as Curlformers (see our post on Curlformers) which some people questioned if they had kinky hair.  But she used them and they worked for her just like they did for everyone else.

My point in writing this post is to say that no matter your hair texture, curl pattern, or style just be you.  Be proud of who you are and what God gave you.  Nappy used in the negative is just a really depressing word.  Whether you are kinky, coily, or curly embrace your natural.  Visit YouTube sensations and their sites like Naptural85, CharJay, Simply Younique, Natural Chicas, Urban Bush Babes, and there many more.  Develop a feeling of love for your natural hair not matter what it looks like.  Leave a comment below.


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