New Year Natural You

It is our first giveaway!

Enter to win a Beautique 9 row Silicone Styling Brush, Wide Tooth detangling comb, Spray Mist Bottle, Curlformers Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment, and As I Am Coconut CoWash.

No purchase necessary, just become our facebook friend, subscribe to the blog, or send an email.  The winner will be announced on Januar 3, 2013 and the prize will be shipped within 7 days of announcement of the winner.

Enter now for your chance to score some tools and product!


Curlformers Hooded Dryer Attachment


One thought on “New Year Natural You

  1. Natural hair is here to stay. But for the majority I feel as though it is a fad and some do not take it as seriously as they should. I see so many people dying their natural hair all sorts of colors, I feel sad for their hair sometimes..

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