Hair Width

Hair width is just as important as porosity when transitioning or beginning your natural hair journey.  Width can also be defined as texture and is in reference to the thickness of the individual strands of hair.  This is important because it can determine how much length you will be able to maintain.  So how do find out what your hair width is?  Well let me tell you.

Get some hair from your comb or brush and look at it in the light.  If the hair is easily visible and wide then you hair is coarse and will maintain length well.  Also, coarse hair is not as fragile as fine hair.  If the hair is thin and hardly visible then your hair is fine.  With fine hair you have to be careful that you do not style your hair too much because of its fragility.  You might also want to consider deep conditioning your hair to try and make it stronger.  If your hair is in the middle and does not easily fit into on of the above areas of visibility then your hair is normal or a medium texture.  Medium texture hair is also not easily damaged and will easily maintain length.

So now that you now how determine your hair width, check it out so that you know how to manage your new natural locs. Hope this information benefits you in your journey.


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