Hair Porosity

Some weeks ago I did a post on curl patterns.  As I indicated in that post, I myself am not of the opinion that this matters much at all.  But what does matter is hair porosity and width (a post on width will published today as well).  This is where I feel the focus should be for new naturals.  Having knowledge of your hair porosity and width will help you find the right product as well as how to manage your hair by maintaining growth and length.  What is hair porosity you ask?  Well I have done some research for you and found that hair porosity is basically how well your hair absorbs moisture.  Your hair shaft has layers that either lay flat or are raised.

This is what your hair shaft looks like.

Low Porosity Hair

So if you view the picture above and your hair lays flat like the 1st image then it will be hard for your hair to absorb moisture such as having water enter or exit the hair.  In this instance it is suggested that you use light products that are liquid based and that do not just build up on your hair causing it be greasy.

High Porosity

Normal Porosity

The 2nd image is hair that is not completely raised but not completely flat and this is normal porosity hair.  This means that moisture will enter and stay there.  For those of you that are this lucky it is suggested that you just do as your hair asks and make sure that it is moisturized properly.

The Hair Porosity Test

Well how do I determine my hair porosity?  Find a shed hair and be sure that it is a shed hair.  Shed hair can be identified by the white bulb on either end of it.  If the hair does not have a white bulb on either end it is not a shed hair and will not help in this test. Take a glass of water (obviously a clear glass) drop the hair in and see what it does.  If the hair sinks quickly then this means that the water was absorbed quickly and you have high porosity hair.  If the hair floats at the top then it means it is not absorbing the water and you have low porosity hair.  Now if the hair floats to the bottom rather slowly then you have normal porosity hair.  I hope that this helps you all out with finding your product.  Stay tuned, we will be posting information later today on width which is also an important factor in making the natural hair journey and choosing products.


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