What We Will Do For Long Natural Hair

While enjoying my family and the Thanksgiving holiday I came across an article discussing the use of Monistat 7 in order to increase hair growth.  I thought interesting and read further.  It seems that there are some people, men and women that are using Monistat 7 to increase hair growth?  They use the product in its original form or dilute it (using it in a shea butter mixture or with oils or whatever).  I know your saying what, “Someone is using coochie cream on their scalp?  That is what I thought.  But a dermatologist at Baylor in Houston, Texas, neither confirmed nor denied that this odd ritual worked. Instead he stated that he could see how it would work.   Of course there were the side effects of headaches, ear ringing, and hair shedding after ceasing to use the Monistat. I even went further to look for the research that some had claimed was done to prove that the Monistat 7 did in fact help hair growth. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any, not even the claimed study done in Atlanta.  Another blogger that I follow, Naptural85 said it best “Your hair is what it is.”  I felt like this said it all, basically whether long or short you hair is what it is.  Please understand that I am not knocking anyone who uses Monistat for this reason or those considering.  But, I am not comfortable at this time with deciding to use such a method.  If you want to research on your own you can find YouTube videos and there is a short blurb on Black Girl With Long Hair.  Good luck to those of you who take the leap to try this miracle growth creme.  For those of you that are unsure or even those saying I am gonna do it, check out this video/skit created by a group of natural hair bloggers.


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