Simple Kit For the New Transitioner

Hey Everybody,

I thought that I would add some good information for those of you who are transitioning from relaxed to natural.  Carol’s Daughter has a kit for those of us that are beginning the transitioning process.  It is called the 1-2-3. Transitioning Kit.  It is a great idea, wonderful kit, and works well.  I began using the kit in October and I am just running out of product.  The kit contains 3 items, including instructions on how to use the product.  As I stated in the Tools post, you may want to purchase some plastic shower caps that can be disposed of (Walmart has them in a pack for 94 cents and it includes 1 dozen or more caps).  This kit will help you in the transition phase when you decide to let the relaxer grow out.  It helps with damage, restoration, and breakage.  Because you still have your permed hair and the new natural growth your hair can very easily break off if not maintained properly.  You would not guess how many transitioners are unaware of this and have learn through trial and error.  That is why I decided to do this post.  This is an awesome kit and costs around $40.  I can fully understood if some of may need to think on this purchase and that is okay.  I have posted a picture for you to see the product package.  You can purchase the product at Sephora, Carol’s Daughter online, and Macy’s.  This helps to keep you from having to purchase several items to go through your transitioning.

The Perfect All In One Kit for Transitioners


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