Tools For Your Journey

So now you have made your decision to return your hair to its natural state.  Congratualation!  If your like me you said well do I need any particular items?  Yes, there are some items that will make the process of managing your hair in its natrual state a lot easier.  If you have not read our blog or any other blog you know that you may be working with two different hair textures if you decide to let your perm or texturizer grow out.  If you have decided to do the Big Chop (“BC”) then disregard this paragraph and keep reading.  The 1st texture your permed hair  will react to varous styles much easier than when your new natrual growth begins to debut.


  • Shower Comb (This can be found at Walmart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Target, or pretty much anywhere)
  • Hooded Hair Dryer or Hand Held Hair Dryer (A hooded dryer is best because it allows you to kind do other things while sitting and saves you from hand, back, neck, and leg cramps.  Anyway, which ever you prefer.)
  • Plastic Hair Caps or Shower Cap
  • Hair Clips (You can purchase these from Sally’s Beauty Supply, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart)
  • Satin Bonnet
  • Scissors (If you plan on trimming your own hair when taking the long grow out)
  • Brush (A good Paddle Brush)

Now these are the basic tools but there are many more  that help some more than others.  Remeber each of our journeys are different.  We will do our best to add to our list as time goes on.  Until then keep growing!


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