If you haven’t heard by now it is a good idea to journal your transition to natural hair.  I did not say you should or have to, I  said it is a good idea.  Well how should you do this you say?  Well here are a couple of ways and reasons why you may want to do this.  Journaling can help you along the way with choosing products, styles, and to see your progress.

One method of journaling is to go to your local store (Walmart, Target, Dollar General) and pick up a small journal.  You want to write in your journal as much as you can, but it does not have to be every waking moment.  Journaling can start with why you chose to return your hair to its natural state or just when you started the process.  On a regular basis you should write in your journal what products you used, whether the product worked for your hair type or not. and if you would use it again.  This will help in creating a log of products that you can look back on when purchasing new products.  It is a safe guard against purchasing a product you have already used and it did not work for you.  When you start on the natural journey you will purchase a lot of products in the beginning in your quest to find product nirvana.  Also, you may want to include hair style information so that you know what styles worked for you and a short tutorial on how you achieved the style.

Another method of journaling your experience can include photographs.  Since we are in the social media and technology age everyone has a camera on their phone, Ipad, or just a plain camera.  But no matter what you can take photos of your hair as it progresses through different stages and lengths.  As time goes on, you may want to look back 4 to 6 months down the road to see how far you have come.  This can help to motivate you to continue your journey.

No matter which method you decide to choose or if you choose not to journal your progress, know that having documented your journey is a great idea and can help you along the way when deciding to change or try products; what style would fit you, or let you bask in the glory of how far you have come in your journey.


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