Hello world!

Welcome to Natural Coiffure; a natural hair blog for women who are contemplating taking the natural hair journey, women just beginning their natural hair journey, or women who have been on the path to more natural hair for some time now.  This is our first post and we want to welcome everyone to the site and ask that you leave comments and provide input on how we can better the site for our readers.  We are also currently looking for natural hair fashionistas/beauties who would like to have their photos posted on our site  as a natural beauty.  If you are one of the chosen we will contact you in order to verify your identity, get approval to use your photo, and of course to let you know that you have been chosen.  So hit us up now with a quick email and your photo at naturalcoiffure@att.net.  We are also looking for bloggers who specialize in the field of natural hair to post some knowledge for our new naturals.  Natural Coiffure is also getting ready to begin one of many of the first giveaways that you will see on our site, so stay tuned!  Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see again soon!

Happy blogging!


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